It’s time for another report:

What did you do in the previous week?

I’ve been working on getting sampler2D, vec* and ivec* uniform types working. The RNA for all of these are working, but I think I might be getting some memory problems still. sampler2D and vec* work for passing data to the shader.

What do you plan to do in the following week?

I plan to work on being able to access builtin uniform values (ie, UVs, diffuse color, etc) by giving all of these values a unique name instead of ones generated on runtime (ie, var0, unf3).

Describe any issues you are having that may require extra attention.

The only way to get UV information for meshes in the 3d viewport is via uniforms passed to the shader. However, the name for the uniform I need is generated at runtime based on an id value (which has the potential to be different on every run). This means I need to put the current uniform work aside and work on getting the builtins to be easily accessible by users. I might need help on how to best go about doing this. Maybe I can catch Brecht and have another chat with him.

Let us know whether you feel that you are on schedule, ahead of schedule, or behind schedule. If you are behind schedule, please let us know what we can do together to get things back on track.

I feel like I’m on schedule.