What did you do in the previous week?

In the previous week I fought with Subversion and some merge issues. I finally got things cleaned up and committed to a new branch: https://svn.blender.org/svnroot/bf-blender/branches/soc-2010-moguri-2

I also had a talk with Dalai on how we wanted the new shader API to look. Here is the notes from our discussion:


What do you plan to do in the following week?

In the following week I plan to implement the API outlined in the discussion I linked to earlier.

Describe any issues you are having that may require extra attention.

Now that the SVN issues are resolved, there are no issues that may require extra attention.

Let us know whether you feel that you are on schedule, ahead of schedule, or behind schedule. If you are behind schedule, please let us know what we can do together to get things back on track.

I might be a little further behind where I wanted to be (especially after being setback by the merge issues), but I think I’ll be able to make up lost ground quickly since the BGE Python API is an area I know pretty well.