Well, this is my last status report.

What did you do in the previous week?

  • Setting shader sources now works correctly
  • Shaders grabbed from KX_BlenderMaterial.blender_shader now have a uniform list that contains uniforms with their name, type and value correctly filled out.
  • Uniform.value get and set works for all supported types except for sampler2D
  • Added the “Custom Uniforms” and “Setting up a Simple Toon Shader” sections to these docs: http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/User:Moguri/GSoC_Shaders_Docs
  • Fixed some read/write crashes with blends that had vector uniforms
  • Made it so the Custom Shaders panel only shows up when the Blender Game render engine is selected

What will you do during the weekend?

The pencils down date is this up coming Monday, which means I have the weekend to wrap things up. I will work on:

  • Making it so that setting Uniform.value changes the underlaying BL_BlenderShader/Material
  • Getting Uniform.value to work for sampler2D types
  • Making the sampler2D custom uniform use an Image datablock rather than a Texture datablock