There have been a lot of changes to bgui since I released the 0.01 release. Here is the changlog:

 New Features
  * Video widget to display videos using VideoTexture (no sound support at the moment)
  * TextInput widget to get text input from the user
  * Frame widget to place widgets on (can also be used as a "window")
  * BGUI can now handle keyboard input
  * BGUI can now handle mouse states (NONE, CLICKED, RELEASE, ACTIVE)
  * Widgets now support on_hover and on_release callbacks
  * Widgets now have a visible attribute
  * Color support added for Labels
  * Alpha blending enabled for Images

 Bugs Fixed
  * Drawing labels would disable textures for images
  * BGUI_DEFAULT was misspelled (was BGUI_DEFUALT)

 Other Stuff
  * BGUI now uses the bottom left as (0, 0) to match OpenGL

Initial release

You can grab the new version here:


  • Blender 2.5 (r31649 or later for the example to work)