Here’s version 0.04 of BGUI. It’s mostly a bunch of tweaks and fixes with a new TextBlock widget. Here is the changelog:

 New Features
  * Font point sizes for Labels now scale with the screen height (1000px is the baseline). This isn't "correct" but it makes things a lot easier. This can be disabled by setting System.normalize_text = False
  * TextBlock widget added for displaying multi-line text
  * Image widgets now have an aspect option
 Bugs Fixed
  * ENTERKEY added to keydefs to better match Blender
  * TextInput now works a little better (no negative cursor and you can input text when you have an empty string)

You can grab the new version here.


  • Blender 2.5 (2.55 works)

I’d also like to remind people that I still consider BGUI to be “unstable”/beta software. I’ll try to keep things from breaking, but having a good library comes first. 😉

Also, feedback is very much appreciated!