I realized BGUI was about due for another release, so here it is. Here’s the changelog:

  New Features
   * ProgressBar widget (thanks to andrew-101)
   * Widgets now support sub-themes (similar to CSS classes)
   * Widgets now have an aspect option to lock the aspect ratio of the widget
   * Widgets can now be "frozen" with the frozen property (thanks to Kupoman)
   * Themeing supoprt and color property added to FrameButton (thanks to Kupoman)
   * Newline (\n) support added to TextBlock widgets
   * Overflow options added to TextBlock widgets (thanks to Gomer)
   * Support for a "prefix" added to TextInput widgets via a prefix property (thanks to Gomer)  
   * on_enter callback added to TextInput widgets 

  Bugs Fixed
   * BGUI now plays nice with "Show Physics Visualizations"
   * Various OpenGL state bug fixes
   * VRAM leaks from Image and Video widgets

  Other Stuff
   * Mouse focus is now more "intuitive" (thanks to Gomer)
   * Available usable keys for TextInput expanded (thanks to Gomer)

You can grab the new version from here.


  • Blender 2.5 (2.56a works)

There is also now a Getting Started guide in the wiki.