Another Friday, another status report:

What did you do this week?

This week I worked on the action actuator. It now runs off of the new action API, and I have also removed the guards that prevented what was formally object IPOs from working. This involved allowing non-armature objects to make use of the action actuator. The frame property options still don’t work and I’m still missing all of the extra options from the F-Curve actuator (Force, Add, etc).

What do you plan to do next week?

I have asked Benoit to do a quick review of the current design of the code I have so far. So I will first address any issues there. Aside from that I would like to work on removing the F-Curve actuator. This involves adding some more options to the action actuator and adding some do_versions() code to convert usage of the F-Curve actuator to use the action actuator instead.

Are there any problems that will require extra attention and what impact will they have on your proposed schedule?

Next week I have final exams, so I will probably still not be going at the project full time. After next week though, I should be able to give this project more attention.

Are there any builds available?

One of the nice things about working with others in the same branch is that there is more interest for branches. At the time of writing this post there are currently four Pepper builds on Graphicall (Win32, Win64, Linux 32, and Linux 64):

Thank you tungerz, Demohero and Fish for providing builds!