Status report time!

What did you do this week?

I got shape keys working again in the test file I had. I think drivers might still be broken, so I’ll have to run more test files. After getting the Shape Action actuator working, I added shape actions to BL_Action and added some do_versions() code to convert Shape Action actuators to Action actuators. I have also added priority options to BL_Actions and exposed KX_GameObject’s SetActionFrame() and GetActionFrame() to Python.

What do you plan to do next week?

I’m not entirely certain on what I will do next week. My plan for now is to tackle layer blending. However, I also plan to talk to my mentor about my timeline, so I may switch to other things (like bug fixing that can be merged into trunk).

Are there any problems that will require extra attention and what impact will they have on your proposed schedule?

Nope, things are going fine.

Are there any builds available?

One of the nice things about working with others in the same branch is that there is more interest for that branch, and you can find plenty of Pepper builds on Graphicall (Win32, Win64, Linux 32, Linux 64, and OS X 32):

Thank you to everyone providing builds!