What did you do this week?

Well, I did some bug fixing, but I didn’t get any of the animation ones solved this week. When doing some debugging I stumbled across some heap corruption issues due to SDNA issues with the Blenderplayer. That has now been fixed, but it took some time to track down. I have also fixed a bug that was causing textures to get uploaded to the graphics card twice, which caused the VRAM usage to almost  double. I also have an uncommitted fix for LibLoad not loading text datablocks. However, I wold still like to find a way that doesn’t involve editing Blender data (right now the loaded text datablocks are temporarily loaded into Main and then removed at exit).

Tracker stats:
New: 4
Closed: 1 (0 by me)
Net Change: +3
Current: 179

What do you plan to do next week?
Next week I’ll have some more time, so I’d like to work on a bigger issue: per material versus per face conversion. I’ve got some ideas for this and I’d like to sit down and try them out. My plan is to get some speedups by not converting materials per face.  Hopefully I can also get the bug tracker down some more too.

Are there any problems that will require extra attention and what impact will they have on your proposed schedule?

Now that schools is just about wrapped up (I have some stuff to do for finals next week, but not much), I should be able to put more effort into GSoC.

Are there any builds available?

There are some on GraphicAll.