What did you do this week?

This week was a rather slow week for me as I was busy with other things and waiting on files. However, I’ve fixed some memory leaks in both trunk and Swiss that I found using the handy Visual Leak Detector. I also wrote up a Game Engine release log for the 2.64 test builds release, and I’ve been monitoring response to the release in this BA thread to try and find any regressions. So far, the only regression I’ve confirmed is one involving DDS/DXT textures and needing to flip the compressed textures. This regression (as well as the reason for the regression and possible fixes) is noted in the release log.

Of the bugs I fixed, one notable one was a regression (found prior to the 2.64 release) caused by the character physics type which made Radar and Near sensors collide with objects. I say this is notable, because I think it was one of the few (if not the only) 2.64 BGE regressions in the tracker. Hopefully this means 2.64 won’t break too many 2.63 games. Another bug worth mentioning is enable/disable rigid body not working with Bullet. Now that I’ve fixed this, I don’t think there are any old features (i.e., Sumo features) laying around that do not work with Bullet.

Now time for some tracker stats:

New: 4
Closed: 11 (8 by me)
Net Change: -7
Current: 147

And we are down to three pages in the tracker!

What do you plan to do next week?
I got a map from the Necrosys guys that they are letting me profile, so I’m going to see what I can do with that. So far, it loads about 30% faster in Swiss. Dalai also has a game/walkthrough for me to profile, but we’re having issues running it on Windows. Once those get resolved, I’ll also profile that.

Are there any problems that will require extra attention and what impact will they have on your proposed schedule?

Nope, things are going smoothly.

Are there any builds available?

There are some on GraphicAll.