What did you do this week?

I started off this week looking at multi-uv bugs to see which ones are actually fixed in Swiss. I’ve verified that bugs #18146 and #17927 are fixed in Swiss. #20281 and #37775 should be solved after I get a bit of clarification on some Blender code.

There are also a couple of bugs about changing light values in realtime not having any graphical effect. These bugs were fixed in Cucumber, so I’m going to see if I can bring that code over to Swiss or trunk.

Other than bugs, I managed to get lib loaded materials to not compile their shaders twice. This gets rid of an error message when using the async option, and it offers a small speed up. I have also gotten my Swiss code into a working copy of trunk to start looking at the possibility of merging with trunk.

Now time for some tracker stats:

New: 3
Closed: 1 (1 by me)
Net Change: +2
Current: 149

What do you plan to do next week?
Once Nvidia get’s their developer site back up, I’d like to try some of their programs to profile the BGE’s OpenGL usage to try and get the Necrosys map to run better. I finally got Dalai’s files working, so I can also start trying to optimize for those. Overall, a scene change spends about two seconds on scene conversion; hopefully I can get it down to around one second or better.  I’ll also see about the possibility of merging some of my Swiss changes into trunk so the multi-uv bug reports can be closed.

Are there any problems that will require extra attention and what impact will they have on your proposed schedule?

Nope, things are going smoothly.

Are there any builds available?

There are some on GraphicAll.